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Top questions about home financing

In the event that the owner refuses to repair the damage, then the pictures of the damages that the customer sent are verified. If the damage is in the foundations of the property and the customer does not benefit from the property, then a request is submitted to the owner. In the event that the damages are not in the foundations and do not prevent the customer from using the property, then there is no need to send a request to the owner, but the customer is directed to repair the damage himself
The customer must notify Bidaya Company immediately by submitting a request through the call center and providing them with photos and the engineering report if necessary.
Operational maintenance or regular repairs such as leaks, cracks, or replacements are the responsibility of the customer, and in the event of damage caused by negligence, he must urgently repair the damages.
No, the request is sent to the Ministry of Housing via e-mail, providing them with the damages for maintenance of MoH’s homes only.
The damages are assessed and approval is taken to repair the damage in the property within a maximum of 10 working days.
Operational maintenance or regular repairs such as leaks, cracks, replacement and anything related to the maintenance of the house to keep it in good condition is one of the responsibilities of the customer as he must repair the property to keep habitable. Bearing in mind that any damages that will arise in the property as a result of the customer’s failure to repair those damages will be borne by the customer.
Damages that affect the property so that the customer cannot benefit from the property and live in it.
In the event of fall in the house and this is proven by an engineering report, the company repairs the damage in the property.

Bidaya Home Finance provides a fast and easy solution to purchase or refinance real estate in Saudi Arabia.

Yes, BIDAYA is providing Ijarah product for its customers in a way that perfectly matches the Islamic Shari’ah.

Home Finance is a type of finance that is aiming for enabling families and individuals to own a home. This type of finance has been utilized for investment in the real estate market of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia during the last ten years. Today is your opportunity to invest in different domains for example (lands, Villas, Apartments, and Residential Buildings).

Yes, we offer an Ijarah financing program for this specific purpose. Our Ijarah’s terms and conditions include a reducing principal schedule, home and property takaful coverages at no additional costs, and financing terms as long as 30 years.

Our financing program typically includes fees associated with obtaining an appraisal to determine the value of the subject property and an administrative fee. 

Financing rates start as low as 2.99%. Our Home Finance Consultants are trained to provide you with a no-pressure consultation to determine which program is best for your individual circumstance.

Our program allows for up to three blood relatives to apply for home financing on a single property. Both male and female are eligible under the terms and conditions. This feature allows your family to qualify for higher financing amounts enabling your family to purchase a home best suiting your needs.

The company received its Commercial Registration in April 2015 and is provisionally approved to transact as a Home Finance provider by the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority.

The rate is based on an Adjustable Ijarah Lease Contract with fixed periods between 1 and 3 years. To find out more click here.

Yes, in many cases a co-applicant can share the burden of financing and help your family qualify for a more suitable apartment or villa.

We extend financing starting from SAR 150,000 to SAR5,000,000.

Yes, homes containing up to 4 units are eligible for our program.

15% if you meet the required qualifications.

Bidaya Home Finance selects reputable third party appraisal companies to ensure that you will not over pay for the property.

Major maintenance by natural causes required on the property may be covered by Takaful Property protection. Minor maintenance is the responsibility of the customer.

Yes, it is a Sharia compliant Takaful and that includes the customer and the property insurance. *Subject to terms and conditions.
To review the religious verdict of the Sharia Committee: