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Bidaya Home Finance named ‘Best Home Finance Provider’ during SakaniForum

Posted on 23-07-2019

RIYADH,  July  2019:Bidaya   Home   Finance,   the  leading   mortgage   finance company  in  the  Kingdom  of  Saudi Arabia, received the ‘Best Home Finance Provider Award’ during a housing forum recently organized by the Ministry of Housing to celebrate 100,000 families signing their financing contracts.

Bidaya  received  the  award  among  a  select  group  of  financial  institutions  and Saudi  banks  that  have  participated  in  the  financing  of  housing  contracts concluded by the Real Estate Development Fund with the beneficiaries since the REDF and the Ministry launched programs to support beneficiaries.

Mr. Mazen Al Ghunaim, CEO Bidaya Home Finance, expressed his happiness with this achievement, which is credited to the Bidaya team and partners of success, and  represents  an  extension  of  the  accomplishments  and  successes  that  have been achieved by Bidaya in the housing finance market in Saudi Arabia.

Al  Ghunaim  added  that  Bidaya  is  keen  to  continuously  activate  its  strategic partnerships with the Ministry of Housing, the Real Estate Development Fund and the relevant authorities to serve the citizens and help provide suitable housingfor Saudi families. He also pointing out that Bidaya is one of the largest supporters of the  Ministry  of  Housing  programs  and  works  in  full  harmony  with  all  housing program stakeholders  to  continue  its  role  in  providing  necessary  funding  for  housing projects undertaken by the State and to strengthen its efforts to enable citizens to live in accordance with Saudi Vision 2030.

Previously, Bidaya Home Finance won the ‘Best Digital Mortgage Bank in the Middle East’ at the Global Finance Awards 2018. The company is specialized in financing  products  that  contribute  to  achieving  the  objectives  of  the  National Transformation  Program,  which  promotes  the  value  of  the  individual  within  a community  system  capable  of  contributing  significantly  to  the  development  of the national economy and achieving sustainable development according to the Saudi Vision 2030.